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Welcome to my personal page!

You can find my CV here.

I am currently a PhD student at IPAG in Grenoble in the high energy and accretion disk group (SHERPAS team). I work from a theoretical and numerical point of view on accretion disks around compact binaries. My research interest are centered on astrophysical plasmas processes. This includes MHD turbulence, formation of winds/jets, dynamo and all type of plasma instabilities. Also, I am particularly into accretion disks as they have such a rich physics with a strong interplay between plasma physics, hydrodynamics, radiative transfer and thermodynamics.

During my PhD thesis, I have been focusing mainly on one particular object : the dwarf novae (a compact binary system with an accreting white dwarf; see Figure below) as we have great observational constraints from these objects. However, the accretion processes that we study are quite similar in all types of accretion disks and I would like to extend my research to X-ray binaries, Active Galactic Nuclei and protoplanetary disks.

My day to day work implies heavy 3D MHD local (and soon global!) simulations of accretion disks with radiative transfer with the PLUTO code. I also use a lighter 1D+1D (radial and vertical directions decoupled) code solving the temporal evolution of an accretion disk (see video below from Scepi et al 2018c submitted to A&A) and allowing us to compute the light curves in a very short amount of time (see figure below from Scepi et al 2018c submitted to A&A). Additionally, I perform analytical calculations to complement numerical simulations in our understanding of the physics inside accretion disks.

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